Welcome to Drugs4dent®

Drugs4dent® is the first Australian medicines information resource designed specifically for dental practitioners. It provides succinct, dental-relevant information for practitioners in clinical settings to understand the effect of medications on dental treatment and support clinicians to accurately and safely prescribe.

With drug information constantly evolving, Drugs4dent® provides up-to-date dental-relevant information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter products and complementary medicines, so dental practitioners will be alerted to the impacts drugs can have on dental procedures. Drugs4dent® provides clinical decision support to improve medication safety by including drug and allergy interactions, pregnancy and lactation recommendations, and paediatric dosing guidance for dental indications.

Dental-specific drug information

Succinct, dental-relevant drug information such as oral adverse effects, is provided about your patient’s medications, to enable you to perform dental treatment safely with respect to medication use.

Towards safer prescribing

Paediatric dosing, drug and allergy interactions, contraindications, pregnancy and lactation recommendations are all provided to assist with safer prescribing.

Patient education

Patient-friendly information is provided about the appropriate use of antibiotics for specific dental scenarios.

Clinical decision support

Medication related effects that can impact dental treatment are presented to assist with clinical decision making and safe treatment procedures. Examples include drugs associated with increased bleeding risk, infection risk and osteonecrosis of the jaw.